General icon set

KRONE has a wide range of communication media. That’s why we need a large selection of high-quality icons. We differentiate between general icons, which are obtained from FontAwesome, and special machine icons, which are provided by us.

Font Awesome SOLID

At Font Awesome you will find the right icon for every general purpose. Please note that we only use the icons from the “Solid” series. This is how we maintain our uniform appearance.

Font Awesome is an icon font that is simply installed like a font and can then be used. The icon font is often used on websites, but it also works perfectly for all other areas of application.

Do you have further questions about integration? Check out the official documentation: https://fontawesome.com/docs

Machine icons

With the large number of our machines, it is not always easy to keep track. Our machine icons help our customers to navigate through the various media as easily as possible. Whether catalogue, brochure or website – the icons play an important role in successful user guidance.

Download machine icons




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