General Imagery

The play with perspectives, focal lengths, and sharpness shape our unique visual language. The composition results from various factors and creates a varied overall picture that is as diverse and exciting as the entire KRONE product portfolio. You will always see our machines at work, perfectly staged, and superior in their performance.

But hard work does not have to look dirty. Our machines will always be clean and shiny, instead. That’s what we call quality made by KRONE!


  • exciting perspectives
  • bottom view / frog’s eye view
  • drone shots
  • make machines look big


  • play with sharpness/blur
  • foreground, middle ground, background
  • make photo interesting
  • clear and tidy

Authentic look

Authenticity and originality of the photos are quality features of KRONE. Natural colours and soft lighting create the typical KRONE look, with perfect colour fidelity on all machines.

Good example: authentic colours and saturation

The focus is more on the tractor than the KRONE product

Exaggerated retouching and unrealistic proportions

Colours not realistic: high saturation and exaggerated hues

Image mirrored: this should never happen

Mood & scenery

KRONE is in motion, by day and night! And so is our imagery. We don’t show our machines in the daytime only but also at dusk and by night. The different moods create a variety of shots and scenery for various application purposes.



It’s all about details

Details play a crucial role in KRONE’s imagery. In addition to many wide shots, detail shots not only form an aesthetic contrast but also provide insights into the functionality of the products and the high-quality standards of KRONE! The detail shots live from exciting perspectives and compositions.


In addition to regular authentic photos for general use, there will always be a selection of WOW shots for particular marketing purposes. Sunrises and sunsets are typical for a Krone WOW shot. Editing may be stronger and more dramatic. Playing with light and shadow makes a WOW shot combined with higher contrast and a focus-driven vignetting.

Human & machine

At KRONE, we focus on perfect machines. But what would machines be without people to use, upgrade and repair them? That’s why people are very important in our imagery.

People and machines should always be shown in action together and reflect an authentic, dynamic situation.

Product shots

KRONE focuses on the quality and reliability of its products. The product images are, therefore, created according to this principle. The machines are presented cleanly, in full view, and realistic. Colour fidelity, angles, and shading must be lifelike and uniform.

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